Selected Awards and Distinctions

2021 – Research England’s Quality-related Research Strategic Priorities Funding (QR SPF)(£10K) to make Wash w/t with Edinburgh University

2018-2019 – HIFA (small grant) £10K and The British Council (£5K to complete Repented).

2017-2019 – The PI: British Academy (£10K to research the classic African film Neria). 2016: Multiple sources of funding for the feature film Escape: a grant from RIMAP (the Research Institute at the University of Bedfordshire), the British Council, an investment from one of the co- producers of the film, an independent company called Media Matrix in Harare, as well as some private investment from the UK (approx. £100K).

2018 – Escape the selection in the most important festival in Poland – REVIEW

2018 – Piotrowska is Visiting Professor in Film at the University of Gdansk, Poland

2017 – Escape wins the best screenplay at the neo film festival in LA

2017 – Piotrowska a finalist in the Times Higher competition in the category of arts innovation and excellence

2016 – Special guest at the Philosophical Film Festival in Cracow, Poland

2015 – WINNER FOR THE BEST SCREENPLAY – at the Mumbai International Film Festival, December 2015, for Lovers in Time or How We didn’t Get Arrested in Harare.

2015– Best Feature Nomination at the Out of Africa Festival in Kenya for Lovers in Time

2013-2014 – The VC’s Research Grant/Pamberi Trust/Zimbabwe Theatre Association for the academic year 2013/2014

2013 – The Nordic Summer University – winner the Research Circle Grant for 3 years worth approximately £40K (Psychoanalysis in Our Time)

2012– Special Mention and a nomination for the Best Documentary for THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY IN HARARE at the International Images Festival for Women, Harare, Zimbabwe.

2012-2013 – The Arts Research Grant – European Solidarity Foundation – £45K

2011-2012 – The British Council Arts Research Award – £30K

2011 – Special Prize at the Extravagant Bodies Festival in Zagreb, Croatia for MARRIED TO THE EIFFEL TOWER, numerous festival screenings

2009-2012 – the Bloomsbury Scholarship (Birkbeck College) (for the PhD), University of London.

2009 – one of the 30 most successful creative Polish people (or people of Polish origin) in Britain at the exhibition at the Barbican, London, alongside Zygmunt Bauman, Paul Pawlikowski, Michael Nyman and Rula Lenska.

2008 – MARRIED TO THE EIFFEL TOWER – nominated for BROADCAST AWARD invited to festivals around the world

2006 – THE BIGAMISTS – winner of the Fred Wiseman Masterclass Award at the Stranger than Fiction Film Festival in Dublin.  Nominated for the Broadcast Award.

2002 – SELF PORTRAIT –Max Vadukul –winner Bardonnechia film workshop.

2000 – LOVE HURTS – long list BAFTA.



1995 –GULBENKIAN FOUNDATION AWARD winner – an award for a young artist building bridges across the world.