Agnieszka with Super8 in London

In 2012, Agnieszka was awarded a PhD from the Psychosocial Department at Birkbeck College, University of London, dealing with Psychoanalysis and Ethics in Documentary Film.  Her monograph based on her PhD thesis was published by Routledge in September 2012. She is a Senior Lecturer in Media Arts at University of Bedfordshire.

Piotrowska graduated from Birkbeck, University of London in 2012 with a PhD. Her PhD thesis was the basis of her 2014 book Psychoanalysis and Ethics in Documentary. In 2015 she edited “Embodied Encounters: New Approaches to Psychoanalysis and Cinema“.

She made her first film, Three Men and a Cake, in 1988 with the BBC.
In 1989 she filmed Out of the Ruins, about the 1988 Armenian earthquake. Aid Armenia International, which originally funded the film, re-released it on the twentieth anniversary of the disaster in 2008.
Her 1995 Sex, Lies and Jerzy Kosinski, about the Polish-American writer who committed suicide in New York, was nominated for the Arts Documentary Emmy in 1995.
She directed two episodes of Channel 4’s Cutting Edge, Love Hurts (1999), about domestic violence, and Trapped By My Twin (2007), about twin sisters who are constantly together.

She lives in London where she has been a Reader in Film Practice and Theory at University of Bedfordshire since 2012.